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The clients who come to Innovative Corporate Solution are business people. Their financial concerns extend beyond the day-to-day operation of their business. We at ICS have evolved our service scope to include many more services than you might expect from an accounting firm.


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ICS Services


  1. Billing Services
  2. Stock Record Maintenance
  3. Vouching
  4. Co-ordination with Suppliers and Customers
  5. Pursue recoveries for the due payments


  1. Registration
  2. Filing the returns
  3. Compliance Monitoring
  4. Tax Deposit assistance
  5. GST Department assistance
  6. Assistance during GST search and survey 

Income Tax

  1. Filing the returns
  2. Compliance Monitoring
  3. Tax Deposit assistance
  4. IT Department assistance
  5. Assistance during IT Search and survey 

Provident Fund

  1. Provident Fund Registration
  2. Filing of Return
  3. Depositing Tax
  4. Procurement of Provident Fund cards
  5. Help in disbursement of Provident Fund

Employees' State Insurance

  1. Registration
  2. FiIling of Return
  3. Depositing Tax
  4. Getting the cards
  5. Helping is disbursement of ESI

Internal Audit

Audit for
  1. Accounting records
  2. Stock records
  3. Recovery of due payment
  4. payment of liabilities of client

Corporate Training

Training for
  1.  Accounting staff
  2. Managers
  3. Field staff
  4. Human resource
  5. Behavioral Training  

Banking & Recruitment

  1. Banking related services
  2. Bank Reconciliation
  3. Accounting related recruitment

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